“I want to create something sacred. A film that gives LSD hallucinations without taking LSD”

A documentary about one of my favorite directors and his dream. Alejandro Jodorowsky, who more or less invented the midnight cinema in New York City with his fantastic – trip films: the classics “El Topo” and “The Holy Mountain,” decided to adapt Frank Herbert’s “Dune” with the French producer Michel Seydoux.
The dream team—a cast that included his son Brontis (whom he put through two years of full-time martial-arts training), Salvador Dali, and Orson Welles and a design staff that included Dan O’Bannon (“Dark Star”), the illustrator Chris Foss, and the painter H. R. Giger.
While he tried to put it in Hollywood the project went unrealized.
The documentary by Frank Pavich, shows us an amazing portrait of Jodorowsky, whos now eighty-five, and reveale the influence that Jodorowsky’s unmade film had in the Hollywood industry.