Brassaï and the underground


“The real night people, however, live at night not out of necessity, but because they want to. They belong to the world of pleasure, of love, vice, crime, drugs. A secret, suspicious world, closed to the uninitiated….I felt at the time that this underground world represented Paris at its least cosmopolitan, at its most alive, its most authentic, that in these colorful faces of its underworld there had been preserved, from age to age, almost without alteration, the folklore of its most remote past.” brassai 2 brassai brassai36


Hoy mi deber era

Silvio Rodriguez is a Cuban folk singer. It’s a classic. I used to hear this song back in the 90’s and it brings me many good memories of the days when I got to hear Silvio over and over. I was really impressed by his soulful and introspective music.  This song’s lyrics are deep. The end of this song is perfect, in English says “And I think, perhaps, I’ve finally achieved it,
dreaming your embrace, flying by your side”