l o v e ~ d e s i r e

“Desire itself is movement
Not in itself desirable;
Love is itself unmoving,
Only the cause and end of movement,

Timeless, and undesiring
Except in the aspect of time
Caught in the form of limitation
Between un-being and being.”

Apollo and Daphne  :::::: BERNINI


Party vs ART : PS-1 on a Sunday afternoon –

Yes, the MOMA PS- 1 located Long Island City, Queens it’s a fantastic place to appreciate art when there’s not a party. M Wells food + not so many people + good company and – any noise these installations made even better my last Sunday. First and best stop: Olafur Eliasson “Your waste of time” 2013. Ice, cooling system, Styrofoam, wood. The artist have been working with many elements throughout his career. This work is with massive centuries-old ice pieces of ice from Iceland’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, can be dated around AD 1200. They are presented as sculptures that are refrigerated with a temperature below freezing.


LAST STOP: James Turrell, Meeting 1986. Long term installation. Meeting is an installation that focuses on light and perception. Its part of Turrell’s series of “skyspaces,” which involves enclosed spaces with rectangular or rounded holes cut into the ceiling exposing the open sky. You can see the intensity of a blue or a pink sky during sunset.


OTHER: Charles Ray. Man Holding Egg, 2007. 20130513-142057.jpg

James Turrell at Pace Gallery NY


Had the pleasure to see James Turell’s exhibition yesterday evening that features a work he started in the dessert in Arizona in 1970.

Autonomous Structures, as you can see in the picture above, are chambers designed for experiencing visual phenomena and connecting visitors with the movements of the cosmos.

As he explained, “Autonomous Structures are just containers for the light; the art is in the experience of the viewer.” Made between 1989 and 2010, the models evolved from spaces Turrell built and designed within the Roden Crater and, like the crater’s chambers, contain Skypaces (apertures to the sky carved into an enclosed space) or Ganzfeld pieces (unmodulated field of light that dissolve architectural space).

Influenced by the design of ancient observatories, including Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu in Peru, and the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids, this amazing structures are simultaneously ancient and futuristic.

José Parlá

The Brooklyn contemporary artist José Parlá, has now and until March 28th his first solo exhibition at the Haunch of Venison in London, after one he had back in 2008. “Broken Language” includes paintings, sculptures and photographs.

This work is a vivid resemblance of his life: movement, rites of passage and documented travels then expressed through very diverse mediums. Stories are captured through marking and calligraphy, emotions with layers of paint and textures, and rhythms through lively and deep combination of colors that reflect his Cuban roots.

“Broken Language” proves the logical analogy between colour and sound, between forms and rhythm of beat. These striking pieces give to those observers capable of feeling them, lofty emotions beyond the reach of words.

Part of his latest projects include “Wrinkles of the City”, a collaboration with JR the French artist, for the 11th Havana Biennial in Cuba, a public mural commissioned by the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn and a mural painting commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the new BAM FISHER Theatre in Brooklyn.

Photos courtesy of the artist.



*****How much do I owe you? at “No Longer Empty” in Queens *****

I visited “How Much Do I Owe You?” at “No Longer Empty” now located at the Clock Tower in Long Island City, Queens. The former Bank of Manhattan building opened its doors, vaults and even illuminated The Clock Tower to host an ambitious site-specific exhibition.


This exhibit explores the new iterations of currency, value and exchange at this time of financial flux, growing debt and job insecurity.Inspired by the Bank building and the surrounding neighborhood, 26 artists from 15 countries confront these issues and how they are negotiated in the workforce, housing market, and in the every day.


GHOST OF A DREAM -GUERRA DE LA PAZ. (WAR OF PEACE IN ENGLISH) The handshake symbolized a convey, a pact without weapons, in times where ethic is in question.


Excellently curated by Manon Slome, this exhibition has a variety of media: from sound installations, projections, and film to installations and large scale sculptures.


THE PRICE OF HAPPINESS – Made with discarded US and Chinese lottery tickets and Buddhist afterworld money. Created after long deliberation and research about what people dream if they win the lottery.


Isamu Noguchi







Isamu Noguchi, born in Los Angeles, was one the the most acclaimed sculptor of the 20th Century. I had the pleassure to see his work at his museum and former studio yesterday with my friend Iside, located in Long Island City.
He created the most amazing scultures made out of the most diverse materials: bronze, stainless steel, marble, cast iron, basalt, granite, water and more.
His pieces have a modern and abstract air infused with lyrical expressions and a mystery aura. He did many collaborations in the world of art including dance/coreographers Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, composer John Cage, and architect Louis Kahn. He created playgrounds, furniture, lightning designs and public works woldwide.