Tino Sehgal – any material in any way.

Thanks to Federico Herrero, friend and amazing artist,  I recently got to know about the work of this original ARTIST: Mr. Sehgal, a British-German who lives in Berlin and studied political economy before he studied dance, thinks the world has too many objects so his works- which he calls “constructed situations” – involve one or more people carrying out instructions conceived by him.

His art its a response to his perceived realities about the over production of objects so his goal is to create a counter-model: to make something, like a situation from virtually nothing-  as actions or words- and then let that something disappear, leaving no potentially marketable physical trace.

No one can document his performances, video and photo are usually not aloud in the room and contracts with Galleries are without the usual formalities.

This is Propaganda (2002) a museum guard sings a song with the lyrics “This is propaganda/you know/you know” twice, then announces the title and year of the work, each time a visitor enters the room.

This Is So Contemporary was what few adults where saying  in the Pavilion, is one of my favorite works he’s done, seems to me very fun somehow to be shown at a Venice Biennal, where he became the youngest German to represent the country in 2005.

In Sehgal’s piece At the Venice Biennial in 2013, I read that a small number of people sat or lied on the ground as they improvised their own music with their voices, sometimes electronic sounding or even human beat-box, or chanting, and apparently it was always very rhythmic.

Bellow is Sehgal’s work Kiss (2007), exhibited at the Contemporary  Museum of Art in Chicago.



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