“Here is God’s purpose –
for God to me, it seems,
is a verb
not a noun,
proper or improper;
is the articulation
not the art, objective or subjective;
is loving,
not the abstraction “love” commanded or entreated;
is knowledge dynamic,
not legislative code,
not proclamation law,
not academic dogma, nor ecclesiastic canon.”

I’m currently reading “Starting with the Universe” a book dedicated to the life and work of “Bucky Fuller”- as he was known and called by his friends- who was an extraordinary architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist.

Fuller, the creator of the Geodesic- Dome and many other structures, frequently used geometry and geological concepts. His aim was to create living environments that minimized consumption of the earth’s resources while maximizing interconnections with global systems of information and transportation.

His quotes are all remarkable but his ones are my favorites:

“Dare to be naïve”

“Don’t fight forces, use them”.

“Love is a metaphysical gravity”

(These are photos I took of the book I have).




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