Carlos Castañeda, the eclipse and the #supermoon today

I am always interested and attracted to know about the moon’s cycle. The days with Full Moon I consult different sites with information about it and today is one of those days. One of them said that this is one of the most powerful Full Moons of 2013 with a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse happening today too.  Its called “SuperMoon because the moon it’s as close as it ever gets to the Earth, and it’s in a straight alignment with the Sun and Earth.

I was conveying this and more to some friends who are very skeptic to this belief, or some others that relate full moons to personal relationships mostly. So first thing I thought: go back and read master Carlos Castañeda  – Shaman and author of Teachings of Don Juan– who said: “Yes, the moon pulls our perceptions the way it pulls on the tides,” but I found something he said I never paid attention to: “calling things from the sea within us”.

I got very excited about this last sentence.

This provides a very good visualization on this full moon day/night. If you want to get the best of this supermoon and eclipse,  meditate: what do I want to see coming from that sea? and what going?. Write it down if you see something and pay attention to your dreams after.

I also found this in another website: “The release of old traumas and limiting beliefs frees up energy to get fired up about the future, to feel optimistic and aim for something higher. A Sagittarius Full Moon is divine timing to elevate our thinking”.


Photo by Ansel Adams in New Mexico



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