Party vs ART : PS-1 on a Sunday afternoon –

Yes, the MOMA PS- 1 located Long Island City, Queens it’s a fantastic place to appreciate art when there’s not a party. M Wells food + not so many people + good company and – any noise these installations made even better my last Sunday. First and best stop: Olafur Eliasson “Your waste of time” 2013. Ice, cooling system, Styrofoam, wood. The artist have been working with many elements throughout his career. This work is with massive centuries-old ice pieces of ice from Iceland’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, can be dated around AD 1200. They are presented as sculptures that are refrigerated with a temperature below freezing.


LAST STOP: James Turrell, Meeting 1986. Long term installation. Meeting is an installation that focuses on light and perception. Its part of Turrell’s series of “skyspaces,” which involves enclosed spaces with rectangular or rounded holes cut into the ceiling exposing the open sky. You can see the intensity of a blue or a pink sky during sunset.


OTHER: Charles Ray. Man Holding Egg, 2007. 20130513-142057.jpg


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