Peace and Security

I’ve been assigned on difficult tasks before. One time resolving the situation of a humanitarian disaster like the case of Somalia a few years ago in the United Nations, where I used to work. Some other time, the case of Afghanistan where thousands of civilians were and still are dying but then we, as a country part of the Security Council at the UN had to take part on a vote in a resolution with important sanctions or mandates. Other cases were for the poorest and the more vulnerable populations in the world, like those affected not only economically but morally by the Financial Crisis.
Some other duties I have now are as Consul of Costa Rica in NY, where I have seen cases of inmigrants sick and dying in this country and wanting to go to their country of origin but they can’t even get on a plane anymore and/or they haven’t seen their mothers for decades and want to say goodbye. But this time, I had to go and search for Costarricans in hospitals, or on the phone with hotels finding out with their relatives if they were alive. I just testified the horror of a Police State in the US. A country where now people can’t even celebrate a sport with the freedom and dynamism they’ve always done it with. Today, we accomplished our mission at the moment I heard a young student thank me on the phone when she felt protected and grateful by our presence there in Boston just a few hours after she left the exact scene of the bombing just because a friend told her she needed to go study.
Here just a few of the scenarios:







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