José Martí

“Men (people) are divided into two groups — those who love and build and those who hate and destroy. –“

José Martí, during his short life was, among other things: a revolutionary, a poet, an essayist, a philosopher, a publisher, a translator and the creator of the strategy of the Cuban independence from Spain. Started a newspaper himself and a children’s magazine. His ideas of democracy and liberty inspired poets like Ruben Darío and Gabriela Mistral.  He spoke fluent English, French, Italian, Latin and Classical Greek. His modern writing was so original, it was hard to categorize. His poetry; descriptive and rich of the most simple things. He conceptualized the difference between poetry and prose in an amazing way: for him poetry was intuition and visualization while prose a way to spread the ideas, as he brilliantly said once: “it was service to the people”. His modernism,  at some point spiritual, created a code of words full of ethics through his love and knowledge of Nature.
Here an extract :

“I’m a traveler to all parts,
And a newcomer to none:
I am art among the arts,
With the mountains I am one.”
“Everything is beautiful and constant.
Everything is music and reason.
And everything, like the diamond,
Is coal before the light”

“Todo es hermoso y constante,
Todo es música y razón,
Y todo, como el diamante,
Antes que luz es carbón.”

From A sincere man I am

“Books console us, calm us, prepare us, enrich us and redeem us.”
“A grain of poetry suffices to season a century.”
“To Educate is to Free.”
“Sane love, is not love”

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